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AREExpress Protects You 

When you sell on AREExpress, you’re protected by policies, transaction monitoring, and data systems that make AREExpress a safe and vibrant community. 

You can sell with confidence, because our dedicated seller protection team works around the clock to enforce policies and track problems before they start. 

Backed by large-scale, automated detection systems monitoring millions of transactions every day, our team uses world-class technology to prevent problems before they start, so you can focus on your business. 

Learn about our policies and best practices, then get back to doing what you’re great at: selling on AREExpress.Read More 

When you deliver on your service promises to create good buying experiences, we will protect you from abusive buying behavior and from events outside your control. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How am I protected from abusive buyers?
If AREExpress finds a buyer's behaviour is abusive, we will take action on the buyer and remove negative and neutral feedback and defects, including opened cases in service metrics. 

What if something happens that is outside of my control? 

We will protect you by removing negative and neutral feedback and defects when things happen that are outside your control, such as weather or carrier delays, or when the item arrives late but tracking shows you shipped on time. 

Protections for all sellers 

Abusive buying activity 

When we determine that a buyer has violated the abusive buyer policy, we will remove any feedback and defects posted by that buyer, including opened cases in dispute. For abusive buyers, we may also limit the ability to file return requests on the AREExpress site. In serious cases or repeated abusive behavior, we may suspend the buyer's account. 

You can help us by reporting the buyer and clearly describing what they are doing. This will help us investigate potential policy violations and take actions to protect you. 

Eligibility for protections
If you do any of the following you are not eligible for any seller protections: 

●  Operate with a false identity

  • ●  Not follow through with your service promises (such as not honoring your return
  • ●  Have a history of serious policy violations, such as selling counterfeits, using
    prohibited forms of drop shipping or taking sales off AREExpress
  • ●  Misuse the protection, such as excessively reporting false 'Item not as described'
    requests or unfairly giving too low a partial refund
    To be eligible for Top Rated Seller protections you must:
  • ●  Be a Filipino,Ghanaian and Nigerian Top Rated Seller at the time of the protection
  • ●  Reside in the Philippines, Ghana and Nigeria
  • ●  Offer 30 day or longer returns
  • ●  Only give partial refunds to recoup the actual lost value of the item when it is
    returned in a different condition than the original item
  • ●  Only report buyers for opening false item not as described returns where you
    correctly described the item
  • ●  Not be rated 'Very High' in Service metrics
    See our Seller protections abuse policy for more information.
    Items eligible for Top Rated Seller protections must be:
  • ●  Listed on
  • ●  Eligible for AREExpress Money Back Guarantee
    Transactions not eligible for protections
    Most transactions on AREExpress are covered by seller protections. However, the following situations are not covered:
  • ●  Items that violate AREExpress's prohibited and restricted items policies
  • ●  Items in categories excluded from AREExpress Money Back Guarantee.
  • ●  ), Real Estate, Websites & Business for Sale, Classified Ads, services, Digital
    Content, Intangible Goods, and some Business Equipment categories
    Customer service
    Find answers to common problems and connect with us directly.
    Buyer practices policy
    To make sure buyers treat you right, familiarize yourself with their policies, too.

Our abusive buyer policy lays out unacceptable buying behaviour. 

Buyers may not misuse our feedback, returns, or buyer protection programs. Our full policy below outlines AREExpress's expectations for buyer behaviour. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I report abusive behaviour?
You can report a buyer to us by selecting the button below: 

What should I do if I think a buyer is making an unreasonable demand? 

You're not required to agree to any extras or changes from the terms of your listing. If a buyer is making demands that are not a part of your original listing, you will be protected from negative feedback and defects when you either deliver the item purchased by the buyer according to the original terms of your listing, or cancel the transaction. 

To help us identify buyers who are engaging in unacceptable buying behaviour, please report the abusive behaviour 

We encourage you to communicate politely and professionally with the buyer. Behavious we don't allow 

Don't demand something not offered in the original listing Not allowed 

  • ●  Requesting a shipping service not offered by the seller
  • ●  Requesting the seller ship to an address other than what you included in
  • ●  Requesting to use a payment method not offered during checkout
  • ●  Requesting the seller hold your item so you can pay later
  • ●  Requesting a partial refund without returning the item
  • ●  Request additional items or services not included in the original listing or asking
    for a discount
  • ●  Finding an item on AREExpress and taking the sale off AREExpress

● Select one of the shipping services offered by the seller when you checkout 

  • ●  Updating your address in your AREExpress account before you checkout
  • ●  Pay for your item through a payment option offered at checkout
  • ●  Pay for your item within two days
  • ●  Returning an item in accordance with the seller's returns policy
  • ●  Purchase items according to the terms included in the original listing
  • ●  Finding an item on eBay and completing the sale on AREExpress
    Don't make false claims Not allowed
  • ●  Claiming an item was not received when there is proof of delivery to the address on the Order details page
  • ●  Falsely claiming an item was not as described
  • ●  Claiming an item was not received when it has not been delivered by the latest estimated delivery date
  • ●  Claiming an item was not as described when the item you received did not match the description in the original listing
    Don't misuse returns Not allowed
  • ●  Returning an item other than the original item received
  • ●  Using or damaging an item and then returning it
  • ●  Returning an item with the reason that it was not as described when it was
    described accurately
  • ●  Returning the original item that was received in its original condition
  • ●  Returning an item with the reason that it was not as described when it was
    described inaccurately

Don't abuse the buyer protection programs Not allowed 

  • ●  Opening duplicate requests using other buyer protection programs
  • ●  Harassing sellers about an item not received before the latest estimated delivery
    date has passed
  • ●  Opening an AREExpress Money Back Guarantee request or other buyer
    protection case: 
    • ●  When you have already received a refund from the seller or
      reimbursement from your payment provider
    • ●  When you haven't paid for an item
    • ●  As retaliation against a seller following a previous dispute
  • ●  Opening an AREExpress Money Back Guarantee case, or opening a case with another buyer protection program after the item you received didn't match the description in the listing
  • ●  Opening an AREExpress Money Back Guarantee case, or opening a case with another buyer protection program when you didn't receive the item and you haven't been able to resolve the issue with the seller
    Additional information
    Acceptable buying practices include adherence to the following policies.
  • ●  Communications: Your communications with sellers via email, My AREExpress Messages or Community discussion boards should comply with Privacy policy.
  • ●  Customs declarations: Asking a seller to falsely declare an item as a gift on a customs form is considered to be encouraging illegal activity.
  • ●  Unwelcome and malicious buying:
    We consider bidding on or buying an item when you have no intention of completing the transaction, or circumventing a seller's buyer requirements, to be unwelcome and malicious buying.

Contact information: All AREExpress customers must keep their account details up to date. We take action when we know that a customer has false or missing contact information. 

Why does AREExpress have this policy?
We want to make sure AREExpress is a safe place to sell. In order to make AREExpress a safe place to sell, we hold our buyers to certain standards. When buyers do not follow these standards we take action on our buyers and we protect our sellers. 

When you report a buyer, we listen 

When a buyer has violated a buying practices policy, let us know. You may be helping the whole AREExpress community. 

Case resolution made easy 

The Resolution Center is easiest and most secure way to solve problems with a transaction on AREExpress. Buyers and sellers communicate, and AREExpress can step in and help. 

We’ve simplified our policies
policies help us provide a secure and fair marketplace for all buyers and 

sellers. We’ve simplified our policies so that they will be easy for you to understand, as well as help you manage your business consistent with our rules. And if you do need to take an action, we’ll let you know exactly what you’ll need to do to correct it to help you avoid disruptions to your business. 

If you have a policy issue, we’ll help you fix it 

If we flag a listing for a potential policy issue, we’ll give you an opportunity to correct the issue and avoid disruptions to your business. We’ll clearly communicate the issue to you and advise specific actions you’ll need to take to correct it. We understand that inadvertent mistakes can happen. And if they do, we’ll help you fix them. 

Continue selling while you correct an issue 

Rather than end all of your listings or suspend your account, our “Hide All Listings” enforcement measure temporarily hides all of your listings in buyers’ AREExpress search results and browsing while you correct a policy issue. Watchers, bidders, or buyers will still be able to continue to do business with you. After you correct the issue, all of your listings will be visible in search and browsing again, and you won’t lose any of your item’s sales history. 

Exclusive Protections for Top Rated Sellers 

We protect all sellers from abusive buying behavior and from events outside their control. Your track record matters on AREExpress, and we’ll support you when you deliver on your service promise and provide a good buying experience. 

Return shipping label credit for false “item not as described” claims 

If a buyer falsely claims an item was “not as described,” we’ll protect you on eligible transactions. We’ll reimburse your return shipping label cost up to $2 per return. You’ll receive the return shipping label credit on your monthly invoice and we’ll automatically remove any negative and neutral feedback, defects, and open cases in dispute. 

not as described” claims 

If a buyer falsely claims an item was “not as described,” we’ll protect you on eligible transactions. We’ll reimburse your return shipping label cost up to $2 per return. You’ll receive the return shipping label credit on your monthly invoice and we’ll automatically remove any negative and neutral feedback, defects, and open cases in disputes. 

Up to 50% refund deduction for decreased value on used or damaged returns
When you issue a refund for an item that was returned after it was used or damaged by a buyer, and you have a track record of delivering on your service promise, we’ll give you the ability to protect yourself by deducting up to 50% of the refund to recover the decreased value of the item. If there are any issues with buyers that may negatively impact you, we’ll take care of them by removing any negative and neutral feedback, defects, and open cases in disputes.